Edizione inglese a cura di Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini

Quaderni dell'Archivio Cattaneo |2|

Just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War Cattaneo built what is perhaps his most daring work, more forceful than any work of Italian rationalist architecture. The house in Cernobbio is the manifesto of an abstract architecture, an architecture born of the modernist revolution of Mies, Van Doesburg and Le Corbusier.
It also represents an Italian declension (that - almost miraculously - was inserted within a historical piazza). Air and life flow freely through it, and the house seems to leave its doors open to the currents of contemporary life, ideas and art.                                                                                                         How are we not to associate this work with an act of protest against the rhetoric, the violence, the pettiness of the military state? How can we avoid experiencing this house - above all at this dramatic time in history - also as a manifesto of freedom, of a hope for transparency? The house in Cernobbio is evidence of an ideal pursued by the young Italian intellighenzia at this time. 

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